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   Why We Love Socials

One of the best part about being Greek is definitely all the socials we have! Every Thursday night all the AXO's get together with another Frat and we have a party with them! So I would like to take this opportunity to talk about the best social themes:

  1. The rave social. This is one of my absolute favorites! You cannot go wrong with this theme and you can dress pretty much how you want. The only requirement is that you are wearing white/neon colors. Many people branch out and wear orange safety vests, neon hats, and caution tape. I usually break out my sweet neon kicks and sunglasses for this themed social.

  1. Superhero Social. This is a super fun social! The capes, eye masks, and gloves are all required for this theme. I saw many people dressed up as the incredibles or the generics like superman, batman or catwomen. Either way you get to relive the days of your childhood when you could fly and save the world!

  1. CMT vs. BET. This theme is super fun as long as everyone commits to it. It is the two extremes all in one room and you get some crazy pictures out of it! The point is to basically dress super country or ghetto and you can choose whichever you like. So there are either girls that are saggin' with boxers and sweet kicks and big t-shirts or girls dressed up in denim, cowgirl boots, and plaid!

  1. Boots and Boxers. This is a really fun social where you can be a little sexy as well! Girls put on boxers with their cowboy boots! Sometimes they will even throw in a hat to spice up their outfit.

  1. [insert letter here] is for.... This social is super fun and creative depending which letter the fraternity picks! I have had “K is for...” and some of my friends have had “M is for...” and you get to choose what you want to dress up like as long as it starts with that letter! I dressed up as K-Federline when we had K is for... and my friends dressed up as Ke$ha, Kardashian, Kangaroo, King, etc. The benefit to this social is that everyone can dress up differently and it is fun to guess!

  1. The Kindergarden Social. This was one of my personal favorites. Me and my friends all went to Wal-Mart kids section and bought the biggest outfits of the kids clothes! It was so fun, we all had bows in our hair, Keds tennis shoes, and name-tags/body paint.

  1. High School Clicks. This is always a fun social because you can dress up pretty much how you want to make fun of the high school stereotypes. You can dress as preppy, jock, cheerleader, athlete, drama kid, geek, nerd, etc. I usually pull out my old school uniform skirt for this one!

So there you have it, a few of my favorite social themes for one of my favorite parts about being in AXO!

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   Switch Up Your Winter Style on a College Budget

As winter is nearing an end, many girls are itching to trade out the same winter outfits they've been wearing for the past few months for fresh new spring outfits. Winter isn’t quite over yet, though, so we have to put off busting out the warm-weather wear for a little longer. However, there are a few ways to mix up the cold-weather outfits without spending money on new clothes this close to the end of winter. This is especially important for college students working with a tight budget. Here are a few neat tips I read on that I think especially pertain to college students that want to work only with clothing items they probably already own:

1. Double up on scarves.

Scarves are a huge trend for girls in college right now, and this is a cute way to add a new look to an old outfit. Many girls have a collection of multi-colored and pattern scarves in their closets. Just take two lightweight scarves, one solid-colored and the other patterned, and wear them together. It’s a fun new look to keep winter clothes from getting boring!

2. Another double-up: tights!

Another trend right now is wearing multi-colored tights to add color to an outfit. Textured/fishnet-style tights are also popular, so why not wear them together!? Just layer the textured tights on top of the solid pair.

3. Go ahead and bust out spring nail polish colors!

It’s close enough to spring...why not!? This is an idea I thought of on my own to get me through the rest of winter. Go ahead and paint your nails a pretty pastel color (still matches with a lot of winter outfits) or another warm color you already own to get yourself excited for spring!

As for new spring trends to be on the lookout for when you do get the chance to do some spring shopping, refinery 29 also had something to offer. According to the site, brightly colored bags, pastel nail polish (mint green, light purple), Aztecan-style jewelry, and plastic or Lucite bangles are IN!

*Tips from

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   Roommate Dilemmas and How to Deal

Many people had to share a room with an older or younger sibling when they were kids, at least until both reached a certain age. However, many other people never have the experience of sharing a room with another person until they get to college, and a lot of times, this is a difficult change to adapt to. Whether it is in a dorm or an apartment, sharing private space can be tricky business. Sometimes people not used to sharing a space don’t take into consideration how their lifestyle affects things such as how their roommate(s) would like the place to look, or how they would like their privacy to be respected. Here are the three most common roommate dilemmas I’ve heard about/experienced in college, and some tips on how to deal.

  1. The messy one.

Virtually no two people live life the exact same way. That’s why roommate clashes are so common. It doesn’t mean one person is a terrible person or bad roommate (in most cases, anyway). It just means they do things differently and sometimes need to learn how to compromise so that all roommates stay happy. If faced with a ‘messy’ roommate (one who leaves dirty dishes or trash around the house, etc.), just politely have a casual talk with them over dinner or during another time when no one is stressed out and likely to be irrational. Say something like, “I have people over sometimes, and I get embarrassed when there are dirty dishes lying around. It’s nothing against you, but would you mind sticking them in the sink or dishwasher from now on?”

  1. The ‘borrower’.

This one can pertain to food, clothes, bathroom items, etc. It can be very awkward to have a roommate who tends to eat the food you bought at the grocery store or sneak into your closet without asking to borrow clothes, especially if they don’t pay you back or return them quickly. If the borrowing thing isn’t something you’re okay with, you can write your name or initials on food items to remind them that they are yours and should only be used by you. As far as the clothes situation goes, having a lock on your door to use when you’re away can be a great deterrent. Or, it’s perfectly okay to say something like, “My clothes are important to me and I’m not big on lending them out just in case they get messed up, so I’d feel a lot better if you didn’t borrow them.” If you’re okay with borrowing but would prefer they ask first, just say so. Tell them there are some things you are willing to lend out and some you aren’t, so it’s best if they ask first.

  1. The chore slacker.

Sometimes people need to be reminded to do their share of the work around the dorm/house/apartment. Chore charts can be a great fix to this problem. Just make a chart with household chores on it, and then write each roommate’s names under a number of chores for the week. Have the chores switch out each week so everyone doesn’t always have to do the same thing. Just say that it’s there to make sure everyone remembers to keep the place clean.

Things NOT to do to deal with roommate issues:

  • Be passive aggressive (such as leaving angry notes around the house; it’s so much less offensive and more effective to just talk about it in person, I promise.)
  • Start fights (Who want to live with awkward tension between roommates because of a fight? Be peaceful, almost everything can be solved without an argument.)
  • Play dirty (such as throwing away something of theirs because they left it lying on the floor where it shouldn’t be—doing things like this only leads to fights—no good! Like the old cheesy saying goes, two wrongs don’t make a right!)

Remember, it really is possible to get along with almost anyone in a living situation, (whether you have anything in common with them or not) as long as you respect them and stay peaceful and cooperative. They’ll typically do the same in return!

Posted by Berri at University of Southern California -